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Retail POS System

IRS Software offers a Point of Sale (POS) System that helps retail operators manage their business efficiently and keep customers satisfied. The system eliminates the disorganization and chaos that often occurs during busy periods and provides a reliable, stable, and smooth experience with minimal disruptions.

The IRS POS System is versatile and can handle continuous check-outs with flexibility. It allows cashiers to process discounts, coupons, vouchers, and membership card programs seamlessly, resulting in faster check-outs for customers and more efficient work for employees. Investing in the system can lead to satisfied customers who are more likely to revisit your store. Additionally, the system optimizes the back-office side of your business, allowing for even smoother operations.

But this is only one of the benefits and the most common feature by using our POS System, in fact our POS System can do more than that:

The IRS POS System offers inventory management, invoice and quotation creation, sales reporting, commission calculation per staff, multi-store system, low-stock alerts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other features suitable for various industries such as hardware, barbershops, bakeries, pet shops, snack shops, grocery stores, automotive shops, baby shops, beauty salons, and many more.

And the IRS POS System supports cashless payments and e-wallet platforms through a partnership with Ipay88, a well-known and large payment company in Asia. The system supports various platforms, such as Touch ‘n Go, Boost, Alipay, and more, to speed up the payment process and securely store daily income.

IRS POS System enables you to do more because it is simple and effective, increases customer satisfaction and this will fuel business growth for years to come.

Point Of Sale Software

The IRS Point of Sale Software is designed to assist the retail industry in efficiently handling large volumes of customers and transactions. This software facilitates customer checkouts and enables businesses to manage inventory effectively. With the IRS POS System, back office management is made easy and effective, in line with their slogan “Ease your BUSINESS, Ease your LIFE.”

Integration with Alaya Mall

Alaya Store is an application that enables merchants to transition their business to an online platform, while being compatible with Alaya Cloud POS and IRS POS System. Each merchant will have a unique webstore link that can be shared with customers for online sales, including delivery services such as Lalamove and Easy Parcel, and a payment gateway called iPay88 with various payment options.

Meanwhile, Alaya Mall is not only able to integrate with Alaya POS but also can integrate with our IRS POS system.

Multi-Store POS System

IRS Multi-Store is a program that allows branch locations to send their sales, customer, inventory, and vendor data to the Head Office for consolidation. This program uses the internet for communication, resulting in low operating costs. Data from all branches is transmitted to the Head Office every minute for consolidation, providing almost real-time reporting for all locations.

Network License

Access to IRS Server through the networking to update the data and generate the reports

Release Version

SQL Account 5.2023.958.832

Released on May 24, 2023

Release Notes


  • Change new HomeScreen
  • #6534: Calculate Stock Costing issues in multi user environment. Stock Item has qty balance in Stock Physical Worksheet but no data in Stock Card report. Error "Cannot update erased record" occurred when perform same item costing calculation simultaneously
  • Improve TikTok load payment file performance
  • Fix TikTok failed to post partial refund order
  • Fix Shopee failed to post partial refund order
  • Fix Lazada post credit note with missing partial refund info, and Reversal Promotional Charges Vouchers not included in posted credit note
  • Add confirmed status to Lazada order view
  • Fixed GL Ledger-FOREX Gain Loss error arithmetic exception, numeric overflow. Floating point divide by zero....
  • [GST-SG] Open GST Return Form disable "Submit GST Return to IRAS" option for draft records

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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.241.195

Released on May 22, 2023

Release Notes


  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 Logo black when export to pdf
  • #5852: Preview payroll summary report doesn't follow grid column visibility
  • Bank Muamalat Payroll file format missing some bank codes
  • Database upgrade to version 125
  • Fixed black box when export to pdf for PR.Tax.CP22A-2021
  • Revise Show Map form in Sync Cloud
  • Add EarlyOutBuffer column to TA_SESSION and TA_CALENDAR table
  • Revise Show Log form in Sync Cloud
  • Fixed cannot run OT script for public holiday and rest day
  • Remove icon from menu for Work Schedule Summary
  • Add Post Date column to OT tab and Leave Tab in Sync Cloud
  • Add PostDate column to TA_TRANS table
  • Revise old Maintain Calendar to Maintain Public Holiday
  • Fix Work Unit Summary report return incomplete resultset

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