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Point of Sale System

The retail industry values speed and efficiency, especially with the rise of online shopping. In Malaysia, a Retail Point of Sale (POS) system is essential to streamline physical purchases and keep up with the fast-paced world. The POS system utilizes software and the internet to simplify processes.

The point of sale system improves customer service by avoiding long lines and ensuring quick checkout. This helps keep customers satisfied and may result in positive feedback for the business.

IRS Software provides a cost-effective and user-friendly POS system for small to large retail businesses in Malaysia. The system offers stock control features to track best-selling items and manage inventory efficiently. This enables businesses to determine which items generate the most revenue and order accordingly.

The IRS POS system is the fastest and most efficient way to improve your business. They are available for purchase at stores throughout the country, so find a dealer today.

Point of Sale System Features

-Bakery & Tea
-Book & Stationary
-Boutiques & Fashion Accessories
-Bicycle & Motor
-Beauty Service Shop / Salon Shop
-Computer Shop
-Florist & Gift
-Furniture Shops
-Mummy & Baby
-Mobile / Handphone
-Hardware Shop
-Laundry Shop
-Mini Market, Grocery
-Music School
-Optical Shop
-Organic & Pharmacy
-Pet Shop
-Vege & Fruit & etc


-Mandarin 华语
-Bahasa Malaysia

-Invoice, Cash Sales & Delivery Order
-Sales, Order Quotation
-Print Address Label
-Customer Transaction History
-Customer Point Management
-Treatment Management
-Prepaid Management
-Appointment Management
-Measurement Management
-Survey Report
-Service Report

-Stock Re-Order Reminder
-Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer or Normal Printer
-Promotion Price Setting
-6 Levels Selling Price
-Serial Number Management
-Package Setting
-Expiry Item Management
-Weight Item Management
-Matrix Item Management (Item With Colour & Size)
-Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
-Multi Supplier

-Purchase Order
-Goods Receive
-Print Address Label
-Supplier Transaction History

-Sales Profit Listing
-Sales Analysis Listing
-Customer Sales Listing
-Top Sales By Item, Sales & Profit
-Stock Listing
-Inventory Audit Trial

-Security Access Level Controls
-Commission Calculation
-Staff Attendance

-Send SMS (Via Internet)
-Send Email

-Integrated with Mykad Reader (To Read Customer Information)
-Integrated with Mifare Reader (Member Card Reader-Touch)
-Integrated with Data Collector
-Change Skin (Screen Colour)
-SST Ready
-View Daily Sales Through Mobile Sales Reporting

-Integrated with SQL Account
-Integrated with AutoCount
-Integrated with SAP

Windows 7 (32/64bits), Window 10 (32/64bits)
2GB RAM, Dual Core Processor