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Retail Cloud POS System Alaya

Alaya is a cloud-based POS system designed for retail stores to record real-time sales and purchase transactions. In the event of an internet outage, transactions are automatically synced to the cloud server once internet connection is restored. The data can be analyzed and filtered through the Alaya Dashboard.

The problem of managing sales invoices and stock levels across multiple companies with various seller accounts on platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, WooCommerce, and Shopify can be time-consuming and lead to mistakes. However, there is a solution available.

E-Hub Link to E-Marketplace

Alaya E-Hub is a new retail solution that enables business owners to manage the entire order fulfilment process of o2o, or vice versa. It integrates with various e-commerce websites and platforms, such as Lazada, Shopee, 11 Street, WooCommerce, and Shopify, allowing for seamless stock level management, price control, warehouse control, and logistics. Integration with different e-marketplace platforms requires sign-up with Sitegiant e-commerce service, our business partner. Orders received from e-marketplaces are automatically synced to Alaya backend, generating invoices and deducting stock quantity from the system, reducing workload for businesses with multiple branches.

Warehouse Inventory System

Alaya Inventory and Warehouse Management System is a software that can automate processes, reduce manual work, and speed up logistics. It offers advanced functions for wholesalers and distributors in sales, purchase, and inventory modules to meet unique business needs. The system records stock data and shares it in real-time with all branches, reducing workflow and improving customer satisfaction while reducing worker burden.

Cloud Accounting Software

Alaya Cloud Accounting Software allows users to access reports and work remotely from any device with an Internet connection, eliminating the need for installation on a computer or server. It is easily accessible through a web browser on a PC, laptop, or smartphone.

The accounting software offers various features, including company incorporation, bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance, secretary, audit reports, Business Intelligent Dashboard, expense tracking by department or project, documentation tracking with flow chart, invoice creation, and multi-currency support.

The report template can be customized by selecting data columns to fit corporate requirements. Users can save reports in various formats and share them with colleagues or management for further arrangements.

Alaya Store

Alaya Store is an app that enables merchants to take their business online and integrate with Alaya Cloud POS and IRS POS System. Each merchant gets a unique webstore link for online sales, delivery through Lalamove and Easy Parcel, and payment gateway via iPay 88 with multiple payment options. Alaya Mall can integrate with Alaya POS and IRS POS system.

Release Version

SQL Account 5.2023.958.832

Released on May 24, 2023

Release Notes


  • Change new HomeScreen
  • #6534: Calculate Stock Costing issues in multi user environment. Stock Item has qty balance in Stock Physical Worksheet but no data in Stock Card report. Error "Cannot update erased record" occurred when perform same item costing calculation simultaneously
  • Improve TikTok load payment file performance
  • Fix TikTok failed to post partial refund order
  • Fix Shopee failed to post partial refund order
  • Fix Lazada post credit note with missing partial refund info, and Reversal Promotional Charges Vouchers not included in posted credit note
  • Add confirmed status to Lazada order view
  • Fixed GL Ledger-FOREX Gain Loss error arithmetic exception, numeric overflow. Floating point divide by zero....
  • [GST-SG] Open GST Return Form disable "Submit GST Return to IRAS" option for draft records

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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.241.195

Released on May 22, 2023

Release Notes


  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 Logo black when export to pdf
  • #5852: Preview payroll summary report doesn't follow grid column visibility
  • Bank Muamalat Payroll file format missing some bank codes
  • Database upgrade to version 125
  • Fixed black box when export to pdf for PR.Tax.CP22A-2021
  • Revise Show Map form in Sync Cloud
  • Add EarlyOutBuffer column to TA_SESSION and TA_CALENDAR table
  • Revise Show Log form in Sync Cloud
  • Fixed cannot run OT script for public holiday and rest day
  • Remove icon from menu for Work Schedule Summary
  • Add Post Date column to OT tab and Leave Tab in Sync Cloud
  • Add PostDate column to TA_TRANS table
  • Revise old Maintain Calendar to Maintain Public Holiday
  • Fix Work Unit Summary report return incomplete resultset

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