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About Us

Bored of eating French fries with the usual ketchup or chili sauce? Want to try something other than this? Potato Story can definitely satisfy your cravings for something more than the ordinary fries.

This local F&B chain store offers variety of snack food ranging from French fries to wedges and hash browns as well as chicken nuggets and hot dog buns. You can find its stores in all the major towns in Sarawak such as Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Kapit and also Kota Kinabalu and Beaufort in Sabah.

At Potato Story, you are spoiled with a wide choice of seasoning powders and sauces for your fires. You can pamper yourself with its hot selling spicy seaweed of wedges cheese flavor if you prefer to coat your fries with powder only. Alternatively, you can choose to have your fries dipped in its signature French cheesy or cheesy mayo sauces are homemade with its own secret recipe using local spices which suit the taste bud of the locals.

Potato Story also offers a huge variety of beverages for you to quench your thirst, namely ice tea, milk tea, fruit shake, coffee, sode, smoothies, ice blended oreo drinks and cheese cover milk tea.

Ground Floor, Aeroville Mall Kuching


Ground Floor, CityOne MegaMall Kuching

CityOne Megamall

Ground Floor, VivaCity MegaMall Kuching

VivaCity Megamall

Other Branches

If you want to know more about our branches location, please click image below to preview it.

Emart Batu Kawa

Kawa No109.B-No109.D, Emart Batu Kawa

Giant Padawan

G4, Giant Hybermarket Kota Padawan

Giant Petrajaya

G6, Giant Hypermarket Petrajaya

Vivacity Megamall

LG-K008,Vivacity Megamalll


Delica Food Court No1039, AEON Mall Kuching Central

CityOne Megamall

G33&G34,Cityone Megamall

Aeroville Mall

Lot1 Aeroville Mall

Emart Matang

S027, Emart Matang

Giant Tabuan

G42, Giant Hybermarket Tabuan Jaya

MYDIN Petra Jaya

G12, MYDIN Mall Semariang

MYDIN Vista Tunku

G-25 F&B, MYDIN Mall Vista Tunku

Star Megamall Sibu

EP1B, Start Megamall Sibu

Emart Riam Miri

NO.37, Emart Riam Miri

Bintang Mall

G03 Bintang Mall Miri

Commerce Square Bintulu

No.13, Parkcity Commercial Development


F-47,1st Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, Bintulu

Kota Kinabalu

Servay Centre Point


Kiosk, No.15-16 Bataras HyberMarket


LT7,Bukit Garden,KPG Kalam


Kiosk, No.15-16, Bataras HyberMarket


B001, Financial Park Complex


G37, Aiman Mall


1st Floor, Lot 1806, Block 13, Meduan Land District

Follow Us & Contact Us

If you want to contact regarding our franchise please contact us or you may follow our facebook page to latest information