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e-invoice seminar

KUCHING - LHDN E-INVOICE Seminar by SQL Account(Chinese)

  • Is LHDN E-Invoice just for billing? Why do dividends and foreign income also need to be reported?
  • What is the PEPPOL E-Invoice 4 corner model?
  • E-Invoice essentials: self-billed invoices, consolidated invoices, mandatory fields (38 fields), and more!

By Joining the E-invoice Seminar :
🎓 Become an expert: Equip yourself to answer any E-Invoice queries from your boss, colleagues, and clients!

Seminar Information:

📍 Location: Kuching, The Waterfront Hotel
📅 Date: 20 July 2024
Time: 09:30am – 12:30pm + Q&A
💲 Fee: FREE (Sponsored by SQL Account)

**Limited seats available, register now!

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LHDN E-INVOICE Insider’s Guide Seminar


What’s? LHDN E-Invoice is More Than Just Billing?!

Bosses, Accountants, did you know that even dividends are required to be e-invoiced?

In this seminar, participants will delve beyond the mere understanding of E-Invoice laws and regulations. Our esteemed panel of experts will provide invaluable insights into navigating LHDN E-Invoices, uncovering hidden risks, and seizing lucrative opportunities. Are accountants and bookkeepers poised for peril or prosperity? Join us to find out.

Pre-E-Invoice vs. E-Invoice

What's changed/what needs attention?

Do's and Don'ts

Navigate the transition smoothly and avoid pitfalls.

Which fields been removed?
what new fields have been added?
Peppol vs. LHDN E-Invoice

Demystify the difference and understand compliance requirements.

E-Invoice Optional for Customers

What's the Deal?

Foreign Workers Without Permits

Self-Bill E-Invoicing Required?

Get e-invoice from platform or merchant?

As a merchant, do you receive e-invoices for platform charges?