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SQL Mobile POS (mPOS)

Empower your business with our Mobile POS(mPOS) by turning your device from big and heavy POS hardware into a portable device which have all the required features such as scan barcodes, print receipt, make payment through multiple payment method, and others.

SQL Mobile Pos Features

  • 1. Record Customer Sales

  • 2. Scan Barcodes

  • 3. Print Recript

  • 4. Credit card and e-wallet payment

  • 5. Compact portable device

Why Mobile POS As a Better Choice?

Effortless Sales Recording

Streamline your sales process with our SQL mobile POS system, effortlessly recording transactions with just a few taps, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every time.

Seamless Barcode Scanning

Enhance productivity and accuracy with seamless barcode scanning capabilities integrated into our SQL mobile POS system, enabling swift product identification and transaction processing.

Instant Report Printing

Delivering professionalism in a flash, our mobile POS system enables instant receipt printing. With clear and detailed receipts, customers receive complete transaction records, enhancing satisfaction and trust.

Multiple Payment Method

Accommodate diverse customer preferences with support for multiple payment methods, seamlessly integrated into our SQL mobile POS system, ensuring convenience and flexibility at checkout.

Integration With SQL Account

Seamless data flow and enhanced financial management with integration between SQL mobile POS and SQL account , ensuring synchronized records and streamlined operations.

Close Counter Report

Simplify end-of-day procedures and ensure accuracy in your financial records with the close counter report feature of our SQL mobile POS system, facilitating efficient reconciliation and reporting processes.

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