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SQL Add To Cart

AddToCart is a FREE app created for every merchant, all you need to do is set up your store & share your unique store QR Code with your customers! With the QR Code scanning, the customers can only access your store. Having an app that can connect to your customers directly, increase the convenience of ordering & customer loyalty! Set up AddToCart mobile app for your business now!

Features for Sellers

Features for Buyers

It is

Quick & Easy Set-Up

It takes little to no effort to create your online shop in AddToCart. There is no need to hire a programmer or an IT technician to set things up for you. Key in your business and payment information, get some good photos of your products, and youre all ready to go! 

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Create an account on AddToCart
  2. Key in your shop details including address and payment method
  3. Create your products: Upload images of your products, set the selling price & additional attributes

Ready to Integrate with SQL Account

If you are an existing user of SQL Account, you can automatically post the sales made on this app into SQL Account. Save time and trouble with this handy feature. By integrating AddToCart with SQL Account, you get to:

  • Synchronize your earnings and stock on hand with your SQL Account
  • Reduce human error
  • Get detailed reporting for sales, earnings, stock movement.

Secure Payment Method

AddToCart supports multiple payment method, using e-wallet, online banking. Every payment method is encrypted and secured.

Easy to Use

AddToCart is designed with the customer’s convenience in mind. With simple directions, clean layout, customers will enjoy using this simple yet functional app. With minimum room for error, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reliable Support

Nationwide support offered by our esteemed customer support team. Customer support can be provided over phone, emails, remote access platform. Our entire support team consist of a large group of well trained , highly experienced support staff.


AddToCart is here to help you expand your business. Download AddToCart for free and experience the seamless facilitation of every step of your business procedure.