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Exciting News! 🎉

For SQL & Maybank SME Customers

Now you can seamlessly connect your Maybank Business Accounts to SQL Account for automated accounting process, real-time cash flow management, enhanced business efficiency, all within a secure banking environment.

Enjoy The Benefits:

SECURELY connect SQL Account with Maybank

AUTOMATE bank reconciliation with Maybank SME Accounts

JomPay Bill payments

REAL-TIME account balance with cheque float in SQL Account

Say Goodbye to Tedious Bank Reconciliation

Introducing Auto Bank Reconciliation with Maybank!

With just a click of a button, Auto Bank Reconciliation seamlessly connects your SQL Account system directly to Maybank’s secure feed. Your bank statement transactions automatically flow into your accounting software. The system then intelligently matches transactions, saving you precious time and effort.

No more manual cross-checking

No more downloading PDFs

One-click auto bank reconciliation with complete security

About Maybank Auto Bank Reconciliation

1. Why is Maybank “partnering” with other third solution providers, and how does it help me?

We understand that a business’s needs go beyond just banking, and we aim to make running and growing your business easy and efficient by securely integrating with third party solution providers to collaborate in creating features that would solve your pain points across a range of industries. For example – we first partnered with accounting service providers to automate the currently manual process of bank reconciliation (recon) by transmitting Maybank account transaction records to our accounting partners for auto bank reconciliation all on one platform.

2. What exactly is this Auto Bank Reconciliation (Recon) function?

By partnering with Maybank, these chosen accounting providers bring you an auto-recon function that dramatically frees up your time and effort. Link your Maybank accounts to perform auto bank recon on the accounting partner’s platform at the click of a button. This process requires minimal human supervision and manual intervention hence allowing your business to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy by eliminating bookkeeping tasks.

3. Am I eligible for this service?

As a Sole Proprietor / single business owner / sole entrepreneur with a Maybank CASA account, you will be eligible to link your account(s) to enjoy the Auto Bank Recon feature. Please refer to this cheat sheet for further information.

We apologise for the wait – but, you will very soon be able to enjoy the Auto Bank Recon feature. Keep an eye (and ear!) out for news and exciting promotions coming to you soon.

5. Which of my Maybank accounts can be linked?

Any of your Single Business Owner (Sole Prop) SME / business Current and Savings accounts (both Conventional and Islamic) may be linked to our selected accounting service provider platforms.

By connecting your Maybank account to your accounting service provider, you can run your business with less worry and more efficiency. By linking your bank feed, your accounting software will be able to retrieve your Maybank business account transactions and initiate an auto-reconciliation with little to no manual work. The auto-reconciliation process matches your bank transactions to your ledger values to ensure smoother bookkeeping.

By linking your bank feed directly to your accounting service provider, you will be better able to track your cash flow, detect fraud, detect bank errors, and stay on top of your accounts receivable.

If your accounting service provider is partnered with Maybank, you will be able to link your Maybank account(s) (for Sole Proprietor only) to use this auto-reconciliation feature.

Follow the steps below to link your account:

Step 1: Log in to your accounting service provider’s platform

Step 2: Locate the Maybank link or connect button (Please refer to your accounting service provider’s FAQ/ journey if further clarity is needed)

Step 3: Click to “Connect” and you will be redirected to Maybank’s secure platform for further identity verification/ authentication

Step 4: Log in using your Maybank business account ID and password

Step 5: Read the snapshot summary of terms of use and click “Proceed to link”

Step 6: Choose a maximum of three accounts to link and confirm

Step 7: Authorise your Secure2u and once verified, the link will be established. You may return to the accounting provider platform to perform auto-recon.

8. How many times do I have to perform this linkage?

You’ll only have to link once to enjoy unlimited use of the Auto Bank Recon feature.

9. How secure is linking my Maybank accounts to selected accounting partners?

Maybank and your accounting service provider work together to ensure your data is transmitted safely and securely using systems audited regularly to comply with industry standards. In order to establish a link, you will be required to login securely using your Maybank username and password for identity verification. Our system flows have been subject to rigorous testing and scrutiny, and include further identity authentication from the backend as well as Secure2u.

10. Does the bank feed transfer the latest transaction data to the partners?

Once successfully linked, the accounting service provider will receive the latest transaction records from Maybank, ensuring an up-to-date reconciliation.

11. Is there a cost for enabling auto-reconciliation?

This auto-recon feature is included in the cost of your accounting software application. Please refer to your accounting service provider for their respective terms and conditions.

*No handling fees/commission are paid to any agent/advisors and/or Maybank employees.

Yes. Businesses may link up to three Single Owner Business (Sole Proprietor) accounts to their accounting software service provider, as long as all three accounts are under Maybank.

13. How do I know if linkage has been established?

You can check the status of your linked accounts on the M2u website. You may also view the status of your linkage on the accounting service provider’s platform. A “Connected” status label means you have successfully linked your Maybank account(s) to your accounting service provider.

14. Will my accounting service provider have access to my bank account?

No. Your accounting service provider will not have any type of access to your bank account, nor be able to utilise it in any way.

Yes. You may unlink your accounts any time, via either Maybank’s or your accounting service provider’s platform. Note that unlinking your account will mean you have to go through the linkage journey again if you’d like to continue using the bank auto reconciliation feature.

Here are some guidelines you might find helpful:
All business entities can unlink from their accounting service provider’s platform.

Sole proprietors can unlink from our M2u internet banking platform by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your Maybank business account

Step 2: Go to Settings and navigate to the Pay & Transfer tab

Step 3: Select Linked Accounts within the left side menu

Step 4: Under the Other Partner Services section, select the More Actions icon

Step 5: Click to unlink, and confirm with S2u to complete the process

To unlink from your accounting service provider’s platform, please proceed to their homepage and follow the instructions on their FAQ page.

16. I’m an accountant, can I make use of this auto bank reconciliation feature on my client’s behalf?

Of course. Once your client links their chosen Maybank account(s) to the accounting service provider, you may start to use auto bank recon. Business owners are advised to give consent to their external accountant at their own discretion.