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irs monitor




IRS Retail POS

Basic Version
RM2,000 One Time

IRS Retail POS

Standard Version
RM3,200 One Time

IRS Retail POS

Advance Version
RM3,700 One Time
  • (Extra) IRS Network License
  • (Extra) IRS Remote License Basic Version
  • (Extra) IRS Remote License Standard Version
  • (Extra) IRS Remote License Advance Version


IRS Retail POS

F&B + Server License (Basic Version)
RM1,800 One Time
  • F&B + Addon Module – Taxation
  • F&B + Addon Module – Stock
  • F&B + Addon Module – Vendor
  • F&B + Addon Module – Credit Sales
  • F&B + Addon Module – Commission
  • F&B + Addon Module – Membership
  • F&B + Addon Module – Voucher
  • F&B + Addon Module – Regional Menu
  • F&B + Addon Module – Token
  • F&B + Addon Module – eMenu (Yearly by Outlet)
  • F&B + Network License
  • F&B + Remote License
  • F&B + Kitchen Display
  • F&B + iWaiter (W)
  • Order Point Server License (iPad only)
  • Order Point Client License (iPad only)

POS Extra Addon

  • IRS Multi-Store (HQ License)
  • IRS Multi-Store (Branch License)
  • Remote Desktop Connection (By each connection)
  • Integration with SQL
  • Integration with AutoCount
  • Integration with QNE
  • Integration with Mall
  • Mobile Report (Yearly by company)


  1. Price is subjected to change
  2. All is prepared and provided by Everest Systems Sdn Bhd

Release Version

SQL Account 5.2023.955.830

Released on April 19, 2023

Release Notes
  • #6512: Hide Dashboard access right should move to View instead of Inquiry
  • #6327: Auto Bank Recon - Match button not showing for DR amount match with Net DR when merge bank charges is checked
  • Remove Entry Forms "Close" button
  • #6088: DIY Advance Form Design's Component Palette not display fully
  • Change Page 2 Title to Year To Date
  • Fixed rounding error for Asset Opening vs GL Maintain Opening Balance report
  • Fixed Journal Voucher Spelling Error
  • Add SST-02 (2023) format
  • Fixed Profit & Loss with Cash Flow (Amt Exclude Tax) label not correctly shown
  • Support batch product map for E-Commerce product page
  • Fix TikTok not showing exception message when attempt to store duplicate order number
  • Fix AddToCart export JSON file prompt exception when product name is empty
  • Fix AddToCart not showing mapped item code in Order page. Removed AddToCart SKU code.
  • Fix TikTok not include SFP Service Fee in sales invoice, and prevent duplicate records added when editing sales invoice and credit note
  • Fix TikTok not including customer paid shipping fee in credit note for cancelled order
  • #6510: GL Ledger Purchase Invoice with same document number, but different supplier when double click will show first document
  • #6509: SL/PH Price History default show latest price by document type instead of oldest
  • #6508: Sales P&L by Document UnitPrice not follow the decimal point set at option
  • #6505: Sales P&L By Doc report add DocUnitPrice (original document unit price)
  • Feature #3882: GL Bank Deposit support Payment Voucher
  • #6500: Profit Estimator unit price amount different with unit price in Invoice
  • #6489: Add Auto Bank Recon - Standard Charted Bank Format
  • #6501: Year End auto post Stock Received for Serial No. Opening, set the document Description as "Opening Stock (Serial Number Items)"
  • SL/PH document posting to AR/AP should include Note field
  • #6492: Data entry form supports OnBeforeSave DIY event
  • Feature #6440: Stock Aging add Aging Type "Monthly (60 Months)" and quarterly support up to 5 years
  • #6336: Show Chart unable to close line chart after focused records
  • #6487: Supplier Deposit Entry New Refund & Forfeit options are missing. (Fixed commit 0948fd9c)
  • #6466: Purchase Invoice copy foreign doc & paste to another DB which currency code not exists. The Local Net Total field remain unchanged even after change supplier code
  • #6476: Customer Payment transfer from Deposit prompt "Payment Amount Cannot More Than Deposit's Unapplied Amount" error even is same amount

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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.238.193

Released on April 18, 2023

Release Notes
  • #5848: Payroll summary dataset sort order doesn't match with sort order in grid table view when preview report
  • #5847: Payroll Summary report prompt "PISeq (AD) not found" error
  • #5424: Employer SOCSO number can only have up to 12 characters
  • Database upgrade to version 123
  • Add PR.Yearly.IndividualPay.Report-NoAD format
  • Replace pdf to jpg for PR.Tax.CP21-2021
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22B-2021 Tax number not correctly shown
  • #5781: Work Unit Summary support grouping
  • Adjust statutory body window caption
  • #5844: Paste record from excel into payroll detail dataset prompt "D_Wages: Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error
  • #5842: Time attendance log missing clock by default follow actual date
  • #5837: Allow user to set work session on current day
  • #5840: e-AmBiz Bulk Payment file format missing some bank codes
  • Feature #5841: Add UOB EIS file format
  • #5839: Pending unpaid leave record "Time in Minute" field is null if the record created via leave application
  • #5830: Reposition the Process button on Process Payroll window
  • Fixed missing OT records in Sync Cloud
  • Fixed Sync Time Attendance could not parse SQL TimeStamp string error
  • Add total late in, total early out, clock status and location status variable to Leave Rule script
  • Remove Maintain Calendar from Leave Menu
  • Maintain Branch set default radius to 60 meters
  • Map window allow to maximize in Maintain Branch
  • Rename ELeave tab to E HRSM in Company Profile and Maintain Employee
  • #5831: Allow to edit previous dates without session to rest day and public holiday
  • Remove Batch Edit and multiselect, Disable employee column sorting and branch column editing, Add cancel button, Set default work session text to 'To Assign'
  • Revise GPS Location label to GPS Monitoring (Work Hour) in Maintain Work Session and Maintain Calendar and revise variable name
  • Fix folder share being deleted on disable SQL Drive
  • #5835: Change HRDF contribution in paysheet does not recalculate HRDF
  • Fix Main menu invalid command ID for Import Data
  • #5811: Leave application table view show "Time in Minute" column
  • #5828: CP8D text format should merge records when the "New IC" or "Old IC" or "Passport No" are the same
  • #5823: Data entry form supports OnBeforeSave DIY event
  • #5822: Maintain Employee window shows Age and Service Year
  • #5827: Add Traveller, Manager Approval, Manager Review and Leave Malaysia column to Maintain Employee
  • Fixed Sync Cloud unable to load claim trans
  • #5824: Leave application attachments drop down prompt error "No mapping for the Unicode character"
  • #5821: OCBC bank Easi-Giro file format missing number of bank codes
  • #5836: Add "Require ID Check" option to OCBC bank Easi-Giro file format

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